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Fishing Reports

Fishing Getting Better in the Lake!

by Captain Steve Himel on 04/02/12

Last week had the most consistent action of the season thus far.  Stable conditions allowed the anglers to get out to the bridges – and believe me, the flotilla was out in numbers!  Patience is key right now, especially on the weekends.  I made several trips the last few days and caught fish on every trip. I have been fishing the afternoon incoming tide from about 5 p.m. until sunset and catching big trout, flounder and drum. I have been using a lemon colored matrix with a 3/8 jig head. I am tossing the bait up current toward the bridge pilings and working it back slowly with the tide.  The trout seem to hit it while it is drifting back to the boat after I twitch the bait off of the bottom.  I am also catching trout and flounder using small croakers (caught with small hook and shrimp) and pogies (caught with a cast net) on a Carolina rig.  Throw the bait up current and let it drift back keeping a tight line.  The drum have been caught using market bait on a Carolina rig with a small treble hook. Yesterday evening, the boat next to me landed around 10 trout using plastic in about an hour. They said that they have been having good catches for the last few days.  You could tell these guys were veteran lake anglers.

The spring spawn should get going later this week on the full moon with some real wall hangers caught.  The spring run had begun and will only get better. I am now booking Spring and Summer Charters in Lake Pontchartrain and Delacroix.  I offer 4, 6 and 8 hour trips at reasonable rates.  Book your trip today – the best dates go quickly. (504) 458-8737.

Big Trout and Flounder on the Bridges!

by Captain Steve Himel on 03/29/12

I made two short scouting trips the end of last week and was able to catch some large trout, door mat flounder and drum.  I have been using live croakers that I catch with a small hook and a tiny piece of shrimp.  The big trout and flounder can’t resist them.  I also caught trout on plastic using a 3/8 once jig head on lemon colored matrix lures.  The weather has been favorable with light winds and good tide range.  I have been fishing mid-lake and anchoring using live bait and trolling throwing plastic.  The bite is not fast but patience will put some fish in the boat.  The April full moon is not far away and some of the largest trout of the season are caught during this period.  The conditions are right for some monsters to be caught. On May 1st live shrimp will be available and things should really take off in the lake.  I am now booking trips in Lake Pontchartrain and Delacroix.  I have four, six and eight hour trips available at the most reasonable prices around. Call me to book your charter (504) 458-8737.


by Captain Steve Himel on 03/19/12

Last week the trout began to show up in good numbers on the bridges on the eastern side of Lake Pontchartain.  I made several short scouting trips on Thursday and Saturday and was able to catch some mule lake trout on both trips.  The bite was not fast but the trout are there! I have been free lining live croakers (that I have been catching on very small hooks with a small piece of shrimp). I spoke with several other captains and veteran lake anglers who have also had success last week on trout.  Most are tossing soft plastics with 3/8 heads along the pilings of the bridges.  The best catch reported was on Friday morning with around 70 school size trout caught on a boat with four anglers. Beautiful flounder and drum are also showing up in the lake using dead shrimp on the bottom. 

The spring fishing season on the lake has begun and should continue to improve.  Good catches should continue when the wind lays down enough to get out and get them.  I AM NOW BOOKING SPRING FISHING CHARTERS in Lake Pontchartrain and Delacroix.  The best dates will go fast so give me a call (504) 458-8737.  I have four, six and eight hour trips at the best prices of any charter service in the area. Check out my web-site at for more information on how you can book your trip.

Lake Fishing Slow - How about some marsh bass?

by Captain Steve Himel on 02/09/12

This little cold spell we are having will slow things down in the lake and make fishing tough until the warmer weather returns.  Until then, you might want to try some marsh bass fishing in the canals and bayous around the lake.  You should concentrate your efforts on Bayou Lacome, Bayou Liberty/Bonfuca Carr Drive and Hwy 11 canals, and Salt Bayou.  Use plastic worms and spinner baits and work the banks letting the baits fall off of the shelf and drop to the deeper water.  Once you find out where the bass are staging, work your baits at that depth.  Also, make sure you throughly fish all drains that empty into the bayou or canal.  You should be able to pick up some good numbers of bass if you stick with it.  Until things get right in the Lake, bass fishing is the way to go at this time of the year.  Good luck and if you have any reports, please use the comments bar to post it so other can benefit.

Lake Waters & Fishing Warming Up!

by Captain Steve Himel on 02/02/12

The water temperatures are now in the low sixties due to the unseasonably warm weather we are having.  You should look for some trout to start showing up on the bridges if the weather stays warm. The Eden Isles and Lakeshore Estates canals will be holding fish as well.  Use soft plastics fished slow and on the bottom.  Trolling the bridges with Rat-L-Traps and other sinking plugs may be productive as well.  If all else fails, use dead shrimp on the bottom under the new I-10 spans under the humps for drum, sheepshead and flounder. If you would like to book a spring trip in Lake Pontchartrain, give me a call or email.